Site Designers, Inc.

At Site Designers, Inc., we listen to you! We don’t do “cookie-cutter” sites. Each site is desined with YOUR needs and desires in mind. You choose the colors and tell us how YOU want the site to be laid out. After all, you know the needs of your potential vistors far better than we do.

We’ll be happy to make suggestions but, in the final analysis, the way your site looks and works is up to you.

Your site can include data access; either MS Access, MySQL or, if you expect lots of visitors and activity on your site, SQL Server.

Naturally, we can create your site using Microsoft Active Server Pages™ (aspx) and the latest web technologies like AJAX.

Responsive Design

The lastest "thing" is Responsive Design.

What this means is that, regardless of the size of the browser window, the content of your site fits inside of it without the user having to scroll.

This also helps with search engine rankings (such as Google) since they've all started querying the devices that capablities when searches are made and will show results based on not only the actual content of the site, but also if it will fit the screen size of the device without having to scroll.  Obviuously, this can make a MAJOR difference in how yout site is ranked by search engines.

The end result is, if your site is a traditional, fixed width screen, search engines will other sites (which may not actually have content more relevan than yours) above your due to the fact that your site will not fit on the device the person doing the serch is using.

What We Do...

  • Website Design
  • Web Hosting
  • Data driven websites
  • User updatable websites
  • Cutom Windows desktop programming