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Some Facts You Should Know

If you are in business, you should already know the value of advertising. How many successful businesses are not in the Yellow Pages, newspaper, radio or TV (or a combination of them)?

Your website is your ad! One where prospective clients can see a LOT more of what you offer than any other media for a LOT less!

No matter what business you’re in, and especially the escort or another adult-related business, the following should be the ONLY answer you need as to why you should have a site.

Statistics show that a customer is 37 times more likely to hire your services if they have seen a picture beforehand or information about your business/service, compared to a listing in the Yellow Pages.

Do you know of any other way to increase your business by 37%? We don't!

Truth is, if you are a graphic artist and have an eye for page design, you don’t need a website designer. You want your website to reflect your personality and there's no better way to show it than by getting a good program to assmble your website and do it yourself. But, most people simply don't have the flair or the knowledge to know how to create and/or make a site look good.

There are several companies we know of that's giving away free websites. They design it and they host no charge to you (it's an all-or-nothing can't get them to design it and have it hosted elsewhere). Why do they do this? Because part of the deal is that they put their banner on your opening page; thus taking your traffic to their site so visitors don't even see the majority of your site. By the way, the banner ads are often in poor taste or directly compete against your service or product!

And just what do you get for "free" from these people? One page with one graphic and some text...and generally, they look more like a bad cartoon than a advertisement!

There are also companies who will give away hosting (and sometimes site design) for free; or, so they say. But it's NOT free! When they place their banners on your site or they limit the amount of traffic your site can receive (and quite a number of the “free” ones do this), it COSTS you.

Consider this. If their banner takes traffic away from your site, you just lost a sale. If your site becomes unavailable for an hour (or more) due to more traffic than the host allows, you just lost a sale.

By the way, when this happens, they usually direct traffic to a page telling people that, due to too much traffic, you site is temporarily unavailable. How do you think your customers are going to percieve your business with that kind of thing staring them in the face?  Of course that page ALWAYS has some sort of advertising for the host's services.

Remember, 'there ain't no such thing as a free lunch!

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